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Agile Portfolio Management Strategy Day

Many products are considered as failures even though the development teams were able to submit the output on time and within budget.


Product development teams can only manage so much, especially if the client is confused as to what they want or what they expect from their investment. Luckily, the agile method does away with most of these problems, making it easier to manage and close projects on a high note.


Agile Portfolio Management Strategy Day

Agile Portfolio Management Strategy Day

This one-day practical strategy session teaches you how to deliver the most important and impactful products you have to the market in a way that stands out and how to change the architecture of your organisation to achieve it. This is a hands-on approach on how to translate strategy into actionable operations on a daily basis.

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Agile portfolio management deals with how an organisation identifies, prioritises, organises and manages different products. This is done in a streamlined way to optimise the development of value in a manner that’s sustainable in the long run.


Agile portfolio management makes certain that a business can supply their clients with the value they deserve for their investment. A responsible portfolio manager or team knows and embodies the principles of the agile method while also taking into account the factors essential to the success of the company’s projects.


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