Organisational Mastery
The blueprint to create effective, efficient and highly rewarded executive leaders
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This book is for executive leaders who want to be efficient, effective, rewarded, and want to change things, which will guarantee them success.  Even if you are not an executive leader, but you fulfill any other role in your organisation, this book will be extremely useful for you, because it will give you many ideas you can implement in your daily job. 

It provides a step-by-step approach to help readers create organisations that are constantly driving internal innovation, are fast and are able to react to any changes in the market. 

When you´ve read this book, you will understand how to create an organisation that is agile, innovative, and can learn from its own mistakes and become a company that people will fight to work for. 

Reduce Time To Market

This book provides step-by-step approach to help leaders create organisations that are fast and can react to any changes in the market.

Connect Strategy With Daily Operations

You will get a tool to connect strategy to daily operations that will guarantee you everyone in your organisation will understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture.

Learning Organisation

In order to survive in the current society companies must strive innovation and continuous learning. In this book you will learn how to build a learning platform so your employees can share their best knowledge with their peers. 

Continuous Improvement

This book provides you ideas on how to create a culture of continuous improvement that allows your organisation to continuously improve and get better.

Drive Innovation

Many organisations are trapped with their own product roadmaps and face challenges in pursuing great ideas that come from employees. You will learn how to drive innovation inside your organisation and to validate your product ideas without disrupting your product roadmap.

Organisational Mastery Blueprint

At the end of this book you will be able to access a blueprint that helps you implement all the steps towards organisational mastery. 
About the Author
Who’s behind this?

Luis Goncalves is a founder and managing director at Evolution4All, a fast-growing management consulting company.

Luis spent most of his career helping organizations become more Agile with different roles in different organizations.

Luis is able to work with all different layers of the organization making himself and his company a perfect partner for any organizational transformation. 

His competitive advantage is the ability to communicate with everyone in the organization from software developers up to executive managers.

He spent the beginning of his career in Nokia where he learned the hard way that for a company to survive, it´s not enough to be Agile at the engineering level, but also at the business level. 

He is dedicated to helping executives to build organizations that are able to survive and flourish in any market conditions.

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