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Agile Planning, The 5 Levels That Executive Leaders Must Know

Discover the power of agile planning for successful project management. Our article explores key principles and effective strategies for implementing agile planning, providing the flexibility and adaptability needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

KPI vs OKR: The ultimate guide to explain the biggest differences

In this article we will talk about the major differences between KPI vs  OKR, one by one! It’s hard to talk about performance management without mentioning KPIs and OKRs. But what do these acronyms stand for? And how do they benefit your organisation?   Key Performance Indicator (KPI) A KPI is a measurable value that indicates Learn More

Objective VS Goals: Every Executive Should Know the Difference

I’ve published many blog posts on the topic of alignment and execution but I never touched in a topic that I have been getting a lot of questions, let’s discuss two interchangeable words in the game of scaling businesses – objective vs goals. And the truth is, while it’s been around for many years now, the Learn More

How Did OKR Start? A Brief OKR History

So you’re curious on how the brilliant OKR framework started? Here’s a brief OKR history to fill in your curiosity. Read more in this article.

How To Set OKR: A Quick Guide

This is a short guide on how to set OKR for your team and company. Learn what are the dos and don’ts of setting an effective OKR.

The System Of OKR At Google

Curious how OKR at Google works? This is how they implement the OKRs for the entire company. What’s its secret? Check it out.

How OKR Works: A Beginner’s Guide

So you want to start implementing OKR for your organisation? This is how OKR works from top to bottom. Check out the beginner´s guide.