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Change Management Strategy Session

Why Lean Change? Because it works better.


We know that taking Lean and Agile approaches have proved to be significantly more effective in developing software. However, as change leaders and managers, we work at a level of complexity equalling if not exceeding that of software challenges. When we take a Lean/Agile approach, we markedly improve our effectiveness.

Change Management Strategy Session

Change Management Strategy Session

This one-day hands-on strategy session aligns all major stakeholders on the directions of your transformation. Start your revolution with this Lean Change Management Strategy Session.

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Lean Change is a co-creation-led, responsive and experimental approach to change. It sees change as a social movement.


Lean Change differs from traditional approaches in 5 major ways.

  1. People first, not process
  2. Co-creation, not consultation
  3. Experiments, not change activities
  4. Feedback-driven, not plan-driven
  5. “Catch the wave”, not “initiate and drive”


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