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Org. Mastery Day

A Conference To Help You To Build And Design A Great Digital Product Organisation


Scale Your Product Business With Speed And Simplicity

We believe the path that most entrepreneurs go through when it comes to scaling their business is often the same. They join a small company or start their business and in this stage, everything happens fast.


There is no need for real strategy as everyone is seated in the same room and talk with each other. There is no need to think about organisational design, organisational impediments, how to share knowledge with each other or have a proper strategy to drive innovation.


When the company starts growing and what was easy before starts getting complicated. Entrepreneurs start having a need to communicate the strategy in a proper way. Typical matrix organisation starts to emerge, organisational impediments appear, knowledge is not shared and innovation stops.


When the organisation starts growing, leaders must have a set of tools in place and integrate those tools in order to build a fantastic organisation and develop a great product development process.


This is the reason why we developed Organisational Mastery. Organisational Mastery was created to help entrepreneurs and executive leaders of 7-8 figures organisations to scale their business without losing speed, alignment and more importantly without increasing the complexity.



Organisational Mastery

Translate Strategy into Daily Operations
Organisations that can transform their strategy into daily operational actions and measure the impact of their deliveries have a greater chance of success compared to their competitors.


Reduce Time to Market
Organisations that optimise their processes to release products rapidly have a much higher chance of standing out and beating competitors.


Drive Continuous Improvement
It is crucial for any organisation to create a continuous innovation culture among all staff members to keep pace with our dynamically changing society.


Create a Learning Organisation
In today ́s world, an infinite number of technologies and practices being used in organisations are being used with varying levels of success. Without a proper strategy in place to share knowledge among employees, companies have a higher chance of failure.


Drive Innovation
In a society where disruptive products are constantly coming to market, it is essential that organisations continuously work to establish ways of working that will enable innovation to flourish in all levels within the company.


Who Should Attend

Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader looking to scale your business without losing speed, alignment and more importantly without increasing complexity?


Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader of a business that is growing tremendously every year leading you to become slower and lose control of what’s going on in your organisation?​​​


Are you an executive leader of an established business that is re-inventing itself to achieve fantastic results in the digital era?


Then you need to attend this half-day conference designed for leaders like you. This conference will teach how to create a fantastic digital product organisation that can grow and scale with speed and simplicity!


What Will You Learn In This Event

At the end of this event, you will be familiar with a Product Blueprint for digital organisations called Organisational Mastery. This approach enables you to drive fast, consistent internal innovation and allows your business to react positively to any changes in the market while you scale and grow your business.


Organisational Mastery


Below you can find a summary of the topics that will be present during this event.

  • You will learn how to scale and grow an organisation that keeps everyone aligned to the big purpose and allow your employees to understand how their work is connected to the big picture
  • You will understand why matrix organisations are outdated and will destroy your company if you want to scale and grow with simplicity
  • You will understand a great way to grow without losing sight of your organisational challenges
  • You learn how to build an organisation that shares knowledge internally and with the outside world allowing you to have higher chances to retain and recruit the talent
  • You will understand how easy it is to include innovation as part of your company DNA
  • You will find out how to build a fantastic Digital Product Organisation

What Problems Will You Be Able To Solve?

At the end of this event, you will be able to identify and have some good ideas about how to solve the following problems:

  • You are growing and scaling quite fast but you but at the same time feeling that you are getting slower and losing agility.
  • You growing your company by setting up a matrix organisation because this is the way you think you should grow but you are just increasing organisational complexity.
  • Communication and alignment are something no existent in your organisation.
  • You have a lot of talent but knowledge sharing is something that does not happen in your organisation.
  • Prioritisation is done by the person that yells the loudest in the room and not by the business value
  • And much more…

What Will Be The Price?

We want to make this event available to everyone, therefore we decided to charge a small amount of money for this conference. Ths price of the ticket will be 50€ per person.

What Speakers Will You Have The Pleasure To See?

We are still talking with possible speakers but we can already tell you that we will have at least one speaker for each different pillar of the Organisational Mastery blueprint. Therefore we will have one speaker for “Translate Strategy”, “Reduce Time To Market”, “Continuous Improvement, “Knowledge Sharing” and “Innovation”.



This conference is brought to you by evolution4all, a boutique management consulting firm that works side by side with entrepreneurs and senior leaders creating fantastic digital product organisations.


We have a strong vision – we want to enable leaders to become highly valued and recognised in order to make an impact in the world.


We offer various programs to help leaders reach their goals. Evolution4all operates mainly in Germany and Portugal and its founder is Luis Gonçalves.


Luis Gonçalves
Managing Director Evolution4All

I Am An Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author And International Keynote Speaker. When Consulting I Work Exclusively With Entrepreneurs, Founders And Senior Executives On The Implementation Of My Game-Changing ‘Organisational Mastery’ Methodology.