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Objective Key Results Strategy Session

OKR is a system of goal-setting practices that are meant to help organisations set ambitious goals and achieve them through measurable actions.


OKRs are best done annually and quarterly. It is essential to focus on objectives that can be achieved within the given timeframe.

Objective Key Results Strategy Session

Objective Key Results Strategy Session

This one-day hands-on session takes your performance to the next level with OKRs.

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Whether you’re a CEO, an executive, Ops manager, or a direct manager, using the system of OKRs is a proven way to increase your team’s alignment to the company goals, measure performance, provide adequate feedback to your team, and bring out results.


Setting OKRs gives every leader like you a clear guideline on what to focus on during a given timeframe. By adopting this popular Google strategy, you too can tremendously foster growth and success within your organisation.


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