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Organisational Mastery Blueprint

Organisational Mastery Blueprint is a product for organisations that understand the world is ever-changing and want to maintain a competitive advantage.

Organisational Mastery Organisational Mastery Blueprint

During the past few years of my career, we have been developing an approach to help executive leaders enable organisational mastery in their companies. Today, we are announcing that Evolution4all´s Organisational Mastery Blueprint has arrived. We are very proud of what we have created and we believe in its results, as we use the exact same approach to run our own company.

Organisational Mastery Blueprint

The Organisational Mastery Blueprint product is designed in a complete lean way. We spent years understanding the greatest challenges that executive leaders in digital product companies face, so we designed a complete approach to tackle these issues based on our long and practical experience.


The Organisational Mastery Blueprint enables companies to:

  • Constantly reduce their time to market
  • Translate strategy into daily operations
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Recruit, retain, and share knowledge with the most talented people
  • Enable companies to encourage innovation

The Organisational Mastery Blueprint is designed for small to medium-sized organisations (or business units) of up to 500 people. These companies understand that the world is ever-changing and that learning and adaptation are critical if they are to maintain a competitive advantage.


This product is also optimised for companies that require consistent alignment between their executive leadership and delivery teams, particularly companies that wish to build a coalition that drives change, without disrupting the entire organisation. The Organisational Mastery Blueprint is ideal for companies that want to encourage knowledge sharing between employees and other teams and departments and to drive internal innovation. For more details take a look at our brochure below.


I started my career almost 15 years ago, I believed that many organisational changes could be initiated with a bottom-up approach. I still believe that many changes come from the lower layers of the organisation, but a deep involvement of executive teams is also required for last-lasting changes.


I spent several months thinking about the naming… I thought about “Framework”, “Operative System”, “Process” and many other things at the end I decided on “Blueprint”. The reason is very simple, most of the frameworks/processes out there do not take into consideration the context of each individual organisation.


We define five main pillars in Organisational Mastery,:

  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Translate Strategy to Daily Operations
  • Continous Improvement
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Innovation

We believe that successful organisations must have these five pillars in place and we want to help organisations reach this goal, but the needs of each company differ so we tailor our approach to take each business’s current operational procedure into consideration in the form of our Blueprint.


If you want to know more details about the Organisational Mastery Blueprint, subscribe below to become a Beta Reader for the upcoming book due to be released in the fall.


This approach is not a scaled framework; we want work with companies that are already using Scrum, Kanban, or any other of Agile process, but they are unable to produce the necessary business results and to make it more profitable and effective without the need to scale their business.


We do not consider the Organisational Mastery Blueprint to be an “Agile Product”. At Evolution4all, we believe there is too much noise in the Agile arena. In today´s world, everyone is an Agile Coach or Scrum Master and this is not the market where Evolution4all wants to impact. We think the market is going in the wrong direction and we even wrote two blog posts about this:


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What you need to know before hiring fraudulent Agile Coaches


The Organisational Mastery product will bring transparency unlike anything else on the market today. Companies will no need to hire consultants on an hourly rate without having a clue about what to expect, Organisational Mastery has a concrete set of outcomes that shows the transparency of our service.


Our team will spend 12 months with the customer to ensure the implements process has assed through at least three cycles. The Organisational Mastery product is design to help organisations to structure their operations on a quarterly basis, so tracking of progress and success is constantly evident. We are so transparent that we truly believe that we can run the service in an Agile way by allowing our customers to chose what will be implemented every step of the way.

When we designed the product, we were cognizant of the fact that one cannot simply implement a process passively and consider the job done. The trick is to build organisations that are always looking for better ways to work, and that’s why image is a circle, inspired by the PDCA cycle.


Evolution4all‘s vision for Organisational Mastery is much bigger than a simple product, as we are creating a whole ecosystem around it. We will be publishing topics related to Organisational Mastery regularly on this site to explain this further.


Another big factor is the Organisational Mastery Podcast that will be coming out after summer this year. We will have frequent live events where we will bring in a specialist to educate executive leaders on these topics and, as mentioned, the Organisational Mastery Book will be released in the fall.


You also can start to examine how your organisation is working with our Organisational Mastery Scorecard. Just take the test below and start your journey towards Organisational Mastery.

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With my team, I built 5 main products: High Performing TeamsScrum Team CoachScrum Master MentoringOrganisational Mastery and the External Business Accelerator.


To check all our products and services please visit our pages: Products and Services.

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