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Organisational Mastery


Did you build an organisation where your teams are able to release software into production completely alone without any dependencies on other teams?


Did you build an organisation where where your Product Features get always completely done and released before you start working on the next ones?

How did you designed your Organisation? Around functional departments or end to end value streams?
4. Did you build an organisation where teams work on several products at a time or do they focus on one single product?
5. Did you implement cost of delay or cost of opportunity into your products?
6. Do you have any idea on how long it takes since the Epic is created until its delivered into production?
7. Do you have any way to validate if what teams are delivering is having any impact on the business results?
8. Did you stablish prooduct performance measures that are connected directly to the improvement objectives that are tied to your strategic goals?
9. Did you build an organisation where everyone at any point in time is able to say how their current job is connected with the overal strategy of the organisation?
10. Did you design an organisation in a way that connects the 6 levels of planning: Strategy->Portfolio->Product RoadMap->Releases->Sprints->Dailies?
11. Are you able to identify how far are you from achieving the Quartely/Yearly goals of your organisation?
12. Do you have clear, time-phased, measurable objectives for operational performance improvement, and is accountability clear?
13. Do you have a clear path to escalate issues that cannot be solved on the team level?
14. Do you have a culture of punishing people for mistakes?
15. Do you regularly inspect your process and tools' fit for getting the best work done?
16. Are your managers involved in the organisational improvement or simply act as line managers?
17. Does your organisation keep track of the improvements/changes you have made and transform them into learnings?
18. Do you have a way to co-create the changes and involve people in the changes?
19. Do you have an exact idea how engaged/disengaged your employees are? For example, using a tool to measure this.
20. Do you have a structure in place where various teams come together to discuss cross-team ideas on a frequent basis?
21. Do you have any process in place that allows different teams to come together and define organisational best practices?
22. Do you host any public events in order to receive an input from other organisations on best practices and ways of working?
23. Do you have any onboarding processs with identified skills set required for people to perform in your organisation?
24. Do you have any proper process in place for people to avoid making the same mistakes?
25. Does your organisation have an innovation strategy?
26. How Effective Is You and your Organisation At Fostering An Innovation Culture?
27. How Well Do You Track The Results Achieved From Your Innovation Program?
28. Do You Currently Collect and Evaluate Ideas To Drive Your Innovation Process?
29. How Well Do You Execute Great Ideas That Could Generate Tremendous Innovation In Your Products??
30. How Smooth Is Your Process To Incorporate Your Innovations Into The Company Portfolio

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Organisational Mastery

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